Merideth Miscio Cruz reviewed NicholeSouthFloridaSkinCare — 5 star

January 5 at 10:55am ·

Nicole is one of the most knowledgeable skin care specialists in the business. The only person I would ever recommend for all of your skin care needs.


 "Being perpetually self-conscious of my skin it's nice to have an Esthetician who really listens to my concerns.  I know that I can be very demanding and want immediate results, yet I have a hard time incorporating a whole slew of products into my daily regimen.  Nichole found a routine that works for me and I've had great results!  My skin looks better than ever." - J.M. Boca Raton


"I'm always hesitant about getting facials because I tend to break out the following day.  But, with Nichole I've never had a break out.  My skin has never looked more refreshed and clear.  I won't trust anyone else with my face." - Anonymous, Palm Beach,FL
"I have been to numerous places for facials and Nichole is by far the best! There is just something about her...from her warm and comforting approach, to her extensive knowledge of skin and products. She is never pushy and always open and attentive to your needs and wants. The products she uses are wonderful. I have very temperamental skin and Nichole has only recommended things complementary to my skin's needs.  I always go home relaxed, refreshed, with amazing, healthy looking skin." - Laura, Boca Raton,FL

It was a pleasure meeting you and  I wanted to thank you so much for the care and treatments I received from you. It is very comforting to see someone, like yourself  who is so professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about their profession.  I will  highly recommend anyone I meet needing your services to you and needless  to say you have made me a lifelong client.  Thank you again. Jim S. Boca Raton, FL

Margot Caveglia reviewed NicholeSouthFloridaSkinCare — 5 star

June 25, 2017 ·

Nichole is the consummate professional and an expert on her craft. I had a peel on Friday morning to address my pigmentation. She is consultative, collaborative, and highly skilled. I love how she communicates; she sets clear expectations and explains her process along the way. My skin looked and felt great leaving her office and has only improved with each day. I can't wait to come back. My skin hasn't looked this good in a very very long time.

Marcela Alzate-Rios reviewed NicholeSouthFloridaSkinCare — 5 star

June 25, 2014 ·

Nichole Fox is my colleague, friend, and a very knowledgeable and professional dermatology/skin care specialist/paramedical esthetician. I completely trust her with my skin and with my client's skin that I refer to her always. She is up to date with all the dermatology/skincare information on a daily basis, is an excellent educator and has great rapport with all her patients/clients. I highly recommend Nichole Fox as your skin care specialist... Come see her

Sylvia Henderson reviewed NicholeSouthFloridaSkinCare — 5 star

· July 27, 2014 ·

Nicole has been taking care of my skin for years. She's a true master in her profession. She always knows just want to use on my skin to make it look glow and look it's best. Not to mention that I always leave in a much better mood than when I got there--she's a great person to boot. The last mousse product was amazing! The weekend after my treatment, I was mistaken for being 20 years younger--I need some more of that product:-) Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Jennie Orians Williams reviewed NicholeSouthFloridaSkinCare — 5 star

June 13, 2014 ·

Thank you Nicole for helping to educate me on skincare-products, treatments, etc. You are amazing! When I first came to you, I was doing a seven step process. It was not only expensive but very inconvenient as well. You turned my skin around and simplified my process. I love the products I get from you! I have never trusted anybody as much as I trust you with my skin. Thank you for your professionalism! See you soon!