A little bit about me

Nichole Fox, L.E., A.S. in Natural Health with concentration in Paramedical Esthetics
Florida College of Natural Health

I have worked exclusively with Dermatologists for the last 20yrs and more recently, acquired a solo practice in East Boca Raton. 

A Paramedical Aesthetician is a skincare specialist, with advanced training, who provides innovative skincare techniques in a medical office, under the direction of a supervising physician.

I have certification and expertise in the treatment of photodamaged skin, acne,  pigmentation issues such as Melasma, Rosacea,  Lymphatic Drainage of the head neck and face, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Medical Microneedling, superficial and medium depth chemical exfoliation.

I received my Associate of Science degree from Florida College of Natural Health, where I also serve as one of the Paramedical Skincare Instructors. I am a proud member the the National Aesthetic Spa Network and Associated Skin Care Professionals.